Vera Ximenes


I am primarily a painter. While my work is complex, it seeks to reveal the essential nature of what I explore. The paintings often become a source and an element of my three-dimensional work, including whole room installations and site specific projects.


Art for me is about mystery and wonder. If I do a work that is good, I create a mystery.


I believe that anything can become art, and there is no boundary in art. If one is open
to the possibilities, one is unbound.


I don’t want to be limited by any medium, genre, gender or cultural heritage.
One makes something because of a need to create. The urge is primal.


When I make a body of work, I want to create unity. One piece informs and influences
the other. The whole work is one entity, a world in itself.


My choice of materials is whatever I put my hands on: conventional and non-conventional, sometimes found objects. I gravitate towards the natural and organic. Art does not have to be precious or complicated to demand attention, to be meaningful and beautiful.


I don’t have titles for my individual pieces, just numbers.
It’s better if the viewer interacts with the work without preconceived ideas.
The work is what it is simply by existing and being seen.


I never explain my art. I am not interested in telling a story or offering political
and social commentary. I do my work in the studio. After that, it’s between
the viewer and the object created.